The Trials of Annie Oakley

The Life and Times of America’s First Sweetheart

by Howard Kazanjian and Chris Enss

Long before the screen placed the face of Mary Pickford before the eyes of millions of Americans, this girl, born August 13, 1800 and who was christened Phoebe Anne Oakley Moses and was destined to make the shortened form her name, “Annie Oakley,” known throughout the world, had won the right to the title of […]

The Pinks

The true story of Kate Warne and the other women who served as Pinkertons, fulfilling the adage, “Well-behaved Women Seldom Make History.”

by Chris Enss

Read the Introduction of The Pinks Most students of the Old West and American law enforcement history know the story of the notorious and ruthless Pinkerton Detective Agency and the legends behind their role in establishing the Secret Service and tangling with Old West Outlaws. But the true story of Kate Warne, an operative of […]

Laura Reno’s Brothers

Punishment Comes One Way or Another

by Chris Enss

A spinster author named Laura Reno wars against ruthless assassins who kill two of her five brothers and threaten the lives of the remaining three. A crippled railroad tycoon and former actress need to complete a rail line to a prime location where an elaborate theatre is being built. Homesteaders like Laura Reno and her […]

The Principles of Posse Management

How the Most Famous Posses of the Old West Captured the Most Notorious Outlaws

by Chris Enss

Pat Garrett and Wyatt Earp, management experts?  Expert management skills were necessary to quickly organize a group of law enforcement officers able to effectively keep the peace and pursue and arrest felons. The actual work of transforming the frontier into farms and cities was carried on by the stream of settlers, but working with, or […]

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Ma Barker

America's Most Wanted Mother

by Howard Kazanjian and Chris Enss

In a time when notorious Depression Era criminals were terrorizing the country, the Barker-Karpis Gang stole more money than mobsters John Dillinger, Vern Miller, and Bonnie and Clyde combined. Five of the most wanted thieves, murderers, and kidnappers by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the 1930s were from the same family. Authorities believe the […]

Soldier, Sister, Spy, Scout

Women Soldiers and Patriots on the Western Frontiers

by Chris Enss and Joann Chartier

From the earliest days of the western frontier, women heeded the call to go west along with their husbands, sweethearts, and parents. Many of these women were attached to the army camps and outposts that dotted the prairies. Some were active participants in the skirmishes and battles that took place in the western territories. Each […]

Entertaining Women

Actresses, Dancers, and Singers in the Old West

by Chris Enss

This collection of short stories of the women who entertained the West in makeshift theaters and palaces built to showcase the divas who were beloved by emigrants to the “uncivilized” West will feature well-known and lesser known dancers, singers, and actresses and their exploits. Author Chris Enss will bring her comedic timing and long experience […]

Mochi’s War

The Tragedy of Sand Creek

by Howard Kazanjian and Chris Enss

Colorado Territory in 1864 wasn’t merely the wild west, it was a land in limbo while the Civil War raged in the east and politics swirled around its potential admission to the union. The territorial governor, John Evans, had ambitions on the national stage should statehood occur–and he was joined in those ambitions by a […]