Colonel Mustard

My brother Rick was one of the most comical individuals I ever met. Whether he was telling a story about what happened to him at work or sporting a ridiculous pair of red shorts with white socks, he kept me in stitches. I didn’t know a whole lot of happiness growing up. There were two people who made that time a bit brighter and they were my brothers. I’m convinced no one laughed as hard as the three of us did playing Hot Wheels or Clue. As we got older we would recall those times and laugh all over again. My brother Scott and I are both missing Rick right now and are wishing we could set up the Hot Wheels track with him or listen to him explain how silly it is for just three people to play Clue. According to Rick Clue was only challenging with five players. And he always insisted on being Colonel Mustard. Rick would move his game piece across the board using a preposterous, British accent and Scott and I would laugh hysterically. I can almost hear the three of us laughing right now.



A thousand words can’t bring him back I know because I’ve tried. And neither would a million tears I know because I’ve cried.