An Ounce Short

Documentary Examines Career of Old West’s Worst Entertainer

Grass Valley, CA. – The failed acting career of Gold Rush pioneer Pauline Ogden is the subject of a new film entitled An Ounce Short. At a time in history when any fledgling entertainer with just an ounce of talent could get work, Pauline Ogden couldn’t get arrested.

Old West historian and author Chris Enss, wrote and produced the tell-all mockumentary. The film features historical photographs and excerpts from the journals and diaries of famous figures from that period such as Lola Montez, Lotta Crabtree and Mark Twain.

Award winning documentary director Catherine Bush-Johnston, skillfully weaves the fabric of Pauline Ogden’s struggling life and times into a tapestry of interesting film footage. Highly acclaimed voice-over artist, Chris Kilpatrick acts as narrator for this piece and several well-known thespians have lent their voices to the project as well.

For more information about this mockumentary and how to obtain a copy, please contact Chris Enss at