Guilty With No Chance of Being Able to Prove Your Innocence


These days men are being accused of sexual misconduct and assault at a rate that rivals the number of times the Skipper blamed Gilligan for the millionaire, his wife, the movie star, the professor, and Mary Ann’s inability to get off that tropical island. Every day the deviant kinks of men in political office, newsrooms, on television shows, and running film companies are exposed.  Pun definitely intended.

With all the accusations being leveled on a daily basis it’s easy to believe every accuser without question. That’s a dangerous practice.  Some accusers lie and their reasons vary.  It’s easy to forget that a person is innocent until proven guilty.  Rushing to judgement is costly.

I recently heard an accuser make a statement about the difficulties in coming forward with claims of sexual harassment or assault because their entire lives are then exposed and subject to question. People who claim they saw a person murder another human being are held to the same scrutiny.  A good investigator will want to know if the witness wears glasses, is on hallucinogenic medications, if they are prone to seeing things, if they knew the accused, etc., etc.  And shouldn’t it be that way?  Don’t you want authorities to fully investigate such claims?  What investigator simply takes the word of anyone involved in a crime?  An accusation of sexual misconduct or rape takes from the alleged perpetrator everything they are and everything they are ever going to be.  Women making claims should be questioned like any other witnessed should be questioned.  It ridiculous to think the accuser should get a pass because of their gender and frightening to know that all you need is an accusation.

Years ago I worked at radio station in Northern California ran by a pompous operation’s manager who frequently suggested I share a room with him a local hotel. The Auh-shucks, Gomer Pyle persona he presented to the public at large was an act.  At the station he was a lecherous, unappealing, middle-aged man who saw himself as the Sierra Foothills’ answer to Val Kilmer; back when Kilmer was buff and playing volleyball with Tom Cruise.  The radio’s executive’s behavior was morally reprehensible.  He was a bully and I avoided him like the plague.  I regard his behavior as egregious as the behavior of a woman at the church I attend who accused me of panting after her fiancé because I thanked him for participating in a church work day.  The nasty phone call she made to me, the unfortunate meeting with the pastor as a result of her actions, and the way she made public things said in confidence in a Bible study are evidence that she too is a bully and a person I will always avoid like the plague.  That being said, I do not regard the actions of either of the bullies as criminal.  And that’s my next point.

Everything isn’t a criminal act. Someone shoving his tongue down a person’s throat during the rehearsal of a skit for a USO Tour is inappropriate and a good kick to the groin is called for, but it isn’t a crime and shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same category with someone who has been assaulted.  The legal definition of assault is as follows:  An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. Poor taste and bad manners are not assault.

These are frightening times.

False accusations kill.

Here is a false accusers celebrating the murder of my brother with her mother, his ex-wife.  Not a day goes by that I don’t remember how they murdered my brother.


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