The Plea – Chapter Eight

I asked a dear friend of mine to review the next chapter of The Plea and give me her thoughts. After reading the work she kindly asked me if I was writing this book to vent my feelings, if I was writing it in hopes that it would have an effect on my brother’s case, or to affect change in the law. The truth is that I just don’t know anymore. False allegations of child molestation affect not only the accuser and the accused, but everyone in between.  As long as the system embraces the notion that parents accused of such a vile act are considered guilty until proven innocent there’s no hope of change.  It’s inconceivable to me that a court system would accept the word of a jealous, attention seeking teenager who, according to the investigation done by Missouri Social Services in the summer of 2004 noted that, “all the stories in which D. Guyer Enss claims to have been abused differ. Her allegations become grander with each telling of the events.  In different accounts the alleged abuse started at age 5,6, 8, & 11.  Teenagers abused in this manner have details, specific dates come to mind.  This accuser has none.  There is no consistency in what she claims,”the report concludes.  I suppose on some level assistant U.S. Attorney, Cynthia Cordes knew she had a problem with her witness.   But I didn’t know enough then to challenge her or the government. I suppose that’s why Mrs. Cordes manufactured evidence.  My brother’s oldest daughter was told to send a pair of her pajama bottoms to the authorities so they could use them as a“scare tactic.”  She was manipulated.  I was petrified.  Not because I believed my brother was guilty of ANYTHING, but because I knew then that the government didn’t care what they did to get what they wanted.  Every wish my brother had was destroyed and every bit of good he ever put out into the world was turned around for bad.  So, to answer the question at the beginning of this piece, I suppose I do want to affect change in the law and I want to vent.  They murdered my brother and I’m heartbroken.  Here are a few tips for the falsely accused.  Recognize you’re in for the fight of your life. Become familiar with Parental Alienation Syndrome.  Retain an independent forensic expert.  Do not waive your constitutional rights.  DO NOT PLEA BARGAIN, plead nolo contendre, no contest, accept an Alford plea, or consent to dependency in juvenile-family court. NMEPajamas  “There was nothing to the pajamas.  I was told to send them because D. Guyer Enss told people they were special to me.  There was nothing to them.  I swear.”  Statement written by N.M. Enss and sent via email to C. Enss on August 13, 2009.  Click on NMEPajamas to see more.