Chris Enss at the Tucson Festival of Books

Chris Enss Featured on Dodge City Public Library’s Book of the Month Podcast

Chris Enss talks with Chris and Michael of the Dodge City Public Library about her book launch Object Matrimony: The Risky Business of Mail-Order Matchmaking on the Western Frontier.

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Wild West Magazine Interview With Author-Comedienne Chris Enss on

Prolific Western writer Chris Enss has delved into the lives of ordinary Westerners, though the extraordinary Custers have also drawn her interest.

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Chris Enss on Good Day Sacramento talking about Mail Order Brides of the Wild West

Chris Enss’ interview on KNCO

Chris was interviewed for her book None Wounded, None Missing, All Dead The Story of Elizabeth Bacon Custer

Author Chris Enss Interview at the Long Branch Saloon, Dodge City, Kansas

Chris Enss interviewed about her new book: None Wounded, None Missing, All Dead

An Interview from Chronicle of the Old West on Thunder Over the Prairie

The year was 1878. Future legends of the Old West—lawmen Charlie Bassett, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, and Bill Tilghman—patrolled the unruly streets of Dodge City, Kansas, then known as “the wickedest little city in America.” When a cattle baron fled town after allegedly shooting the popular dancehall girl Dora Hand, these four men—all sharpshooters who knew the surrounding harsh, desertlike terrain—hunted him down, it was said, like “thunder over the prairie.”

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Chris Enss on LA Theater Works radio show talking about Mail Order Brides of the Old West

Desperate to strike it rich during the Gold Rush, thousands of men traveled West to the emerging frontier, where they outnumbered women twelve to one. Only after they arrived did some of them realize how much they missed female companionship.

Chronicle of the Old West Radio Interview for Custer Book

On May 17, 1876, Elizabeth Bacon Custer kissed her husband George goodbye and wished him good fortune in his efforts to fulfill the Army’s orders to drive in the Indians who would not relocate to a reservation. The smartly dressed couple made for a splendid picture. This new biography of Elizabeth Bacon Custer tells the story of the dashing couple’s romance, reveals their life of adventure throughout the West during the days of the Indian Wars, and recounts the tragic end of the 7th Cavalry and the aftermath for the wives.

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