Outlaw Tales of California

True Stories of the Golden State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats

From the world-famous to the relatively obscure, Outlaw Tales of California features true tales of fifteen bandits, outlaws, and no-good scoundrels. From Sacramento to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Nevada City, the frontier towns of California were populated by some of the toughest and most dangerous characters in the West. Tom Bell, the flat-nosed, felon doctor had his “Catch me if you can!” motto finally catch up to him when he was hanged after a wild eighteen-month career as an outlaw. Lawman-gone-bad Henry Plummer got twisted up in a lascivious love affair. And bad luck bandit Dick Fellows never could catch a break—except for in his leg and ankle. From Charles Earl “Black Bart” Boles to “Rattlesnake Dick” Barter, Juan Flores to Joaquin Murieta, read about the most notorious desperados in the history of the Golden State. Through these astonishing true stories, Outlaw Tales of California introduces you to a state you thought you knew—and a West that was wilder than you’ve ever imagined.