The Plea

For a number of years I’ve been working on a book about my brother. The release date of The Plea has been pushed back a few times. Rick’s story is going to end in a very tragic and dramatic way and I’m waiting to write the last chapter. I’ve noticed several curious visitors to my website checking on the status of the book and I wanted to let them know why it’s been delayed and assure them that it will be released. When the book comes out it will be the equivalent of meeting the bad guys on the street in an Old West gunfight. Justice is coming – in more ways than one. That’s what hardscrabble rancher Andy McConnell was after this week in 1870. McConnell caught his neighbor, John Shea, trespassing on his property near Abilene, Kansas. Words were spoken and Shea pulled his pistol and fired twice at McConnell. As he was thumbing back the hammer for the third try, McConnell calmly shouldered his rifle and shot Shea through the heart. McConnell turned himself in and was released on testimony of an eye witness. Words can cut and cripple – a bullet can only kill you. I’ve watched words destroy my brother. The Plea will be out in the summer of 2012 – by then my brother will be nothing more than a memory.