The Plea – Chapter Eleven

In the movie Cool Hand Luke Paul Newman portrayed a character in prison who challenged the existence of God.  “Let me know you’re up there!” Newman’s character shouted to the sky during a thunder storm.  There was no answer.  Perhaps that was the answer.  I empathize with Luke.  I’ve been crying out to God for so long about my brother, but no answer comes.  Perhaps that is the answer. I miss Rick and the hurt and injustice of what happened to him never leaves me.  What happened to my brother could happen to anyone.  False allegations of child molestation are made everyday and it ruins lives.  My brother’s stepdaughter accused my brother of child molestation.  She accused more than one person of this crime.  An investigation was done and authorities ruled the claim to be false.  My brother’s stepdaughter recanted her statement and both she and her mother requested in writing that the case be dropped.  More evidence of wrongdoing yet to come.  In the meantime, a fine man is gone and I’m the one shouting to the sky during this storm.  DropCasePolygraph1Polygraph2