The Plea – Chapter Nine

It’s difficult to investigate a criminal case you’re emotionally tied to.  I’ve tried to present the evidence in my brother’s case in an unbiased manner, but all my trying won’t make it so for this chapter.  It should be against the law to accuse someone of child molestation with no evidence apart from a rebellious teenage girl who accused four other people of the same vile act.   The loss from her false allegation has been exquisite.  Not only was my brother taken, but his children were taken as well.  I loved them and I think they loved me.  Both my brother’s wives sent letters to me from my nieces and nephew expressing their feelings.  As they got older they would write to me on their own.  I’ve saved all the letters, cards and emails they have sent me including the note from my now 25 year-old niece informing me that she now “hates me and never wants to hear from me again.”  I’ve included a few of those letters here -the reason why will become clear in chapters to come.  LetterChrisDeniseDeniseNickLetter3LetterDeniseNickGft