The Plea – Chapter Sixteen

Several weeks ago I spent time at a school with young children who had been sexually abused.  They were anxious to learn about writing and happy to hear tales of the boys and girls who come West in the early 1850s.  It was a pleasure to be around such sweet individuals who wanted nothing more than to be loved and to know they had value and worth.  It was heartbreaking to hear how long it took authorities to investigate their situations and remove them from the nightmares they were living.  Their cases were tossed into the same system with those people who make false allegations of molestation.

According to the National Children’s Advocacy Center there are 3 million child abuse reports made each year in the United States, and “more than 92.5% are false.”  As a result, many innocent adults have been deprived of their children, have had their civil rights violated or are facing prison terms for crimes they did not commit. In addition, because the system is overrun by false allegations legitimate claims of molestation take longer to be investigated.

If you have been falsely accused of such a heinous act DO NOT let the legal system persuade you to plea bargain or admit to guilt. An admission of guilt to a false accusation is always the beginning of a long nightmare, not the end. This is especially true in light of the proliferation.

DO tape record all conversations with CPS officials or representatives of agencies assigned by CPS to “help” you when possible. (It is legal to tape conversations you, personally, are having).  If you do not have a tape recorder or Smart phone call a trusted friend to come over and be a witness to any intrusion between you and the caseworker or CPS representative. If possible, have one or more trusted friends present whenever you or your children speak with CPS officials or police.

DO document all interviews, phone calls, events or altercations as thoroughly as possible. Write things down as soon as possible after an interview or telephone call. If you have a legal right in your state to record telephone calls. do so.

DO keep a daily record of any events concerning this situation.

DO contact the authorities if non immediate family members are being threatened as a result of false allegations.  More than ten years ago my brother was falsely accused of child molestation by his teenage step daughter.  A SAFE Exam proved she was not telling the truth.

The alleged victim is now in her mid-20s and she and her mother recently approached my nephew’s girlfriend at a Walmart and “warned her to stay away from my family.”  Neither myself or my husband, my nephew, my nieces, my parents, aunts and uncles had anything to do with the matter.  False accusers are dangerous.  Report what they say, when they say it, and to whom to the police and submit a copy of the report to an attorney.

Confession of a Big Lie

Confession of a Big Lie


There is no such thing as being overcautious when dealing with people who with regularity falsely accuse others of criminal acts.