The Plea – Chapter Ten

My brother Rick was married twice.  His first wife, Denise Sutter did not love him.  The day they married Rick found a letter she had written to another man.  My father tried to convince Rick to call off the wedding, but he wouldn’t.  Rick and Denise had one child, Nickol Marie.  She was one of the most beautiful babies I’d ever seen in my life.  Rick’s marriage to Denise did not last long after Nickol was born.  Shortly after Rick and Denise divorced he married a second time.  His second wife had two children from a previous marriage.  Her son was not quite two and her daughter was not yet three.  Rick eventually adopted both of those children.  Rick’s first wife and his second wife did not like one another.  His second wife didn’t want anything in the home that was ever touched by Denise.  Not only did that include household items, but Rick and Denise’s daughter.   She resented Nickol and insisted that everyone in the family treat her daughter as if she were Nickol.  Nothing less was tolerated.  Rick’s first wife lived in Maine and Nickol would visit as often as her mother would allow.  Rick’s second wife helped to make Denise’s life hell.  Why the letter sent to me by my brother’s second wife is included in the on-line book will become clear in chapters to come. SatanLetterreDenise