The Plea Chapter Twenty-Seven – No Forgeries

He ceased being a name several years ago. He’s a number to all those that can do him harm. My brother’s number is 17993045. I promised I would help him. “I don’t belong here, sis,” Rick cried. I didn’t do anything. Please help me.” “We’ll appeal Rick, we’ll get you out,” I promised. That was more than eleven years ago now. I’ve tried every way I know to get someone in authority to listen.

Three years ago I received this letter from the Innocence Project. “Dear Ms. Enss, I’ve enclosed an application for your brother Rick to complete and return to our office. I must stress that we only accept cases where DNA evidence can exonerate the accused. Once we evaluate the validity of your brother’s case, it will be vital to find out if any DNA evidence still exists. Without that evidence, it will be impossible for us to proceed. The Innocence Project currently has a backlog of several thousand cases so I must caution you that it will be at least forty-eight months before we can begin to evaluate your brother’s case. If, however, you become an attorney or a private investigator, you, of course can look for the DNA evidence immediately. If you manage to locate it, our attorneys may agree to act as consulting attorney in which case we can work together towards exonerating your brother.”

When a person is accused of child molestation they don’t need DNA to convict, just the word of ONE person. DNA is God’s signature. He writes no forgeries, and his checks don’t bounce! There is no DNA in this case to help my brother and therefore the Innocence Project can’t be of any assistance.

This video presentation is one of my last options. I’ll keep fighting until Rick dies, but I don’t know what to do next. I’m pleading with viewers to share this video with their congressmen and representatives. Please encourage them to ask President Obama to help. Click on The Plea to read all the evidence and facts about the case.

Clemency for Rick Enss