The Plea

Available Summer 2014.

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve made many pleas to God. When I was seven I pleaded with Him to make me an Olympic swimmer. At 16, my plea was for the chance to marry the boy I had been in love with since kindergarten. There have been numerous pleas over the years, many too pedestrian or adolescent to mention, but in the spring of 2002 my pleas to the All Mighty took a serious turn. From the moment my brother was arrested, those pleas have grown in intensity to desperate groans of mercy.

The day I posted bond I set about to prove my brother’s innocence. I kept a journal of my quest, documented every lead, every interview with police and politicians involved with the case, every conversation with those in similar circumstances, and every letter received from people accused of the same crime. When I couldn’t get the information I was seeking because I lacked the proper credentials, I became a private investigator and gained access to the material necessary to carry on.

What I discovered because of this investigation changed me forever. Horrified by what I know and troubled by the rage and bitterness that, at times, threatens to consume me, I run to the Cross where I wait for relief. Here I will stay until my pleas are heard. This is my story.