The Plea – The Preface


It’s taken me longer than I expected to complete this story. There were many, many days I had to force myself to write. No situation has ever affected me as deeply as my brother being arrested and subsequently watching him fade to nothing. Previous efforts to share this painful journey have been met with obscene, angry emails and even death threats. I realize I’m in jeopardy of a repeat performance of that behavior, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore. According to the Department of Justice more than 1.8 million reports alleging child molestation are made each year.

1 More than eighty-seven percent of those reports are made by individuals going through a divorce or considering a divorce.

2 Thirty-five percent of all allegations of child molestation prove to be false.

3 Rarely is there any other proof needed than the victim’s statement to hold the accused over for trial. There is a ninety-seven percent conviction rate for those accused of sexual molestation that choose to fight the system rather than take a plea bargain.

4 The lawyers handling my brother’s case informed me that all a jury ever needed to convict was the prosecuting attorney pointing out the man accused of sexual molestation and a nod from the alleged victim.

5 I lost more than a brother when he was arrested in 2004, I lost three nieces and a nephew. They were my brother’s children. They hate me. They hate me in part because of the bitterness I feel towards them and their mother as a result of this horrific happening, but also I believe they need someone to focus their hate on and as a champion of my brother I’m the easiest target. I’ve spent more than eight years investigating this case. In order to do a more thorough job I became a private investigator. As a licensed private investigator I’ve been granted access to records and files I would otherwise have not been allowed to see. I’ve included all the records I could in this book. In the last several years I’ve met numerous people who have been accused of the same crime as my brother. I’ve met many individuals under the age of twenty-one on the sex offender list. One man made the list as a result of mooning a busload of high school students. Another made the list when he stepped outside a college frat party to take a leak at the same time a nine year old neighbor kid was taking out the trash. Prior to my involvement with this situation I thought the sex offender list was only for truly deranged individuals such as kidnapper and rapists Phillip Garrido, and John Wayne Gacy a serial killer who abducted and murdered thirty-three teenage boys. The list doesn’t differentiate between a nineteen year old who had consensual sex with their seventeen year old partner and a middle-aged monster that kidnaps, rapes, and kills children. Every word of this book has been carefully reviewed by a staff of lawyers.

6 I anticipate being called a liar. I anticipate lawsuits. I gladly risk all of that to tell my brother’s story and give voice to those falsely accused of vile acts against children for the purposes of revenge and or financial gain. Not so long ago someone told me I was in “denial.” I was accused of being a person who just “couldn’t admit what my brother had done.”

7 I’ve pondered those comments for months and can say without reservation it’s not the case. I wouldn’t be willing to put my life in danger for a psychological issue that could be corrected by counseling sessions with a qualified therapist. I believe with everything I am that my brother has been wrongfully accused. For those who insist they would never have pled guilty to something they didn’t do I sincerely hope you’re never faced with making that decision. A word of warning, however, if you’ve never witnessed a loved one being handcuffed and shackled by federal agents armed with AR-15s, never been inside the visiting area of a maximum security prison, never worked with lawyers who could care less about what happens because they go home at night to their families no matter what you decide, heard government officials threaten your parents, siblings and spouse you don’t know what you would do.