The Plea

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve made many pleas to God. When I was seven I pleaded with Him to make me an Olympic swimmer. At 16, my plea was for the chance to marry the boy I had been in love with since kindergarten. There have been numerous pleas over the years, many too pedestrian or adolescent to mention, but in the spring of 2002 my pleas to the All Mighty took a serious turn. From the moment my brother was arrested, those pleas have grown in intensity to desperate groans of mercy.

The day I posted bond I set about to prove my brother’s innocence. I kept a journal of my quest, documented every lead, every interview with police and politicians involved with the case, every conversation with those in similar circumstances, and every letter received from people accused of the same crime. When I couldn’t get the information I was seeking because I lacked the proper credentials, I became a private investigator and gained access to the material necessary to carry on.

What I discovered because of this investigation changed me forever. Horrified by what I know and troubled by the rage and bitterness that, at times, threatens to consume me, I run to the Cross where I wait for relief. Here I will stay until my pleas are heard. This is my story.

Journal Notes on The Plea

Prosecutors, Charge Stacking & Pleas

Over the last sixteen years I have heard people say “I would never take a plea for something I didn’t do.” I believe they mean it, but it’s a naïve statement based on their limited knowledge of the legal system. I believed the same thing sixteen years ago. Let me give you an example of […]

So Many Calls…

Calls from Maine to the Reeves in North Carolina back to Missouri.  Honestly, why don’t you just make one call and forget it?  Better yet, why don’t you just go on with your lives.  You won.  Rick is gone.  I will never let go of the fact that you murdered my brother.  This is what […]

Toronto, Canada

Numerous visit to The Plea from Toronto, Canada.  Why?  What do you want?  Never mind.  I figured it out on my own. Murderers never have any peace.  I watch them as they check the site in search of…who knows?  Maine Bureau of Taxation to Overland Park, Kansas, to Greensborough, North Carolina.  They’ve had fifteen years […]

Tears and Long Silence

  The plan was to never visit this page again, but so many others are visiting it lately I’m compelled to give them what they want. Visitors from Sebring, Florida, have been on the site.  They visited on my birthday.  I’d like to think my aunt still cares.  I hope that’s it and that she […]

I’m Telling You For The Last Time

  If you’ve ever lost someone very important to you, then you already know how it feels, and if you haven’t, you cannot possibly imagine it. The day my brother was falsely accused of child molestation he was lost forever.  So much has been lost over the last thirteen years I can barely find the […]

Colonel Mustard

My brother Rick was one of the most comical individuals I ever met. Whether he was telling a story about what happened to him at work or sporting a ridiculous pair of red shorts with white socks, he kept me in stitches. I didn’t know a whole lot of happiness growing up. There were two […]

Going Home

  Rick didn’t have many possessions. Among the items I sorted through that belonged to him were books, board games, a collection of wooden ducks, and photographs. Mice had found their way into the drawers containing his towels and bedding and chewed through the material. A landscape painting of a small town nestled in the […]

The Plea Chapter Forty-Five The Perfect Crime

  The lengths to which some parents will go to prevent their ex from keeping in contact with the children are truly shocking and, ultimately, very damaging to the children themselves. When a father (it’s usually the father) leaves the family home, some mothers will lie to stop them from seeing the children or speaking […]

The Plea Chapter Forty-Two Laura Reno’s Brothers

I wrote this for my brother who was taken from me.  The book is being published by Omega Press.  Any resemblance to real persons is intentional. And now…a sample of Laura Reno’s Brothers. Chapter One Laura Reno slowly descended into a cold, dark cellar. A few crudely cut boards lined the dirt walls, and sections of […]

The Plea Chapter Forty-One Roach, Missouri

There is no Loch Ness monster. Using sonar equipment, submersible vessels, and a host of other tools scientist have proven there is no Loch Ness monster. Yet in 2015 alone more than twenty people claimed to have seen such a creature. People convince themselves of things that aren’t true all the time. Sometimes the things […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty-Six 70 X 7

The most difficult math problem in the universe, it turns out, is 70 x 7. Perhaps the hardest thing to do in the Christian life is to forgive someone who has hurt you, often badly. But Jesus says the alternative to forgiving one’s enemies is hell. One of the reasons this is hard for us […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty-Five The Fury

It was a terrible morning. More than twenty federal police and highway patrolmen armed with assault weapons converged on my parents home in rural Missouri in the summer of 2004 and took my brother away in handcuffs. It was 5:30 a.m. and everyone in the house had been sleeping. My parents were traumatized by the […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty-Four – Broken

The Cheyenne Indian warrior featured in the book Mochi’s War was driven by the need to avenge the slaughter of her mother, father, and husband. The three were killed at the Sand Creek Massacre in November 1864. Mochi watched in horror as the people she loved were taken from her in the most violent way […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty-Two – Cutting A Throat

The prisoners where my brother lived called the seagull that got caught in the razor wire surrounding the compound Broken Wing. After a few hours of being trapped Broken Wing wriggled out of the wire and dropped onto the ground, hurt and exhausted. The bird survived on scraps of bread tossed to him by prisoners […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty-One – Favor and Rage

Two weeks ago I learned that I had a mild heart attack. I had no idea anything that serious had occurred. I just thought I was overly tired. Great emotional, sustained stress can trigger a heart attack. During moments of high stress, your body releases hormones such as norepinephrine, which the researchers claim can cause […]

The Plea Chapter Thirty – Saving Rick Enss

No one is listening, not even God it would seem. My brother suffers in everyway imaginable. He’s not alive but he’s not dead. He’s been in federal prison for more than eleven years. There’s a mountain of evidence that proves he was wrongly accused but it hasn’t matter much. There are petitions before the courts […]

The Plea Chapter Twenty-Five – Shouting at the Storm

Black Bart, aka Charles E. Boles, aka Charles Bolton, was a highwayman in the Old West.  He robbed twenty-eight stages in a period of eight years and stole more than $12,000.  What led authorities to his arrest in 1883 was the evidence he left behind.  Law enforcement agents found his hat, cuffs, and handkerchiefs labeled […]

The Plea Chapter Twenty-Three The Good Daughter

On one of the segments of one of the many “funniest video” programs on television the comedy took place at a wedding reception. The happy couple were enjoying all the customs associated with a reception; sharing a glass of champagne, dancing, cutting the cake, and preparing for the tradition of the groom removing the garter […]

The Plea – Chapter Nineteen When I Die

My brother is serving a twenty year term in federal prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He suffers with Parkinson’s Disease a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. His arms, legs, and head shake continually and there are many days when he can’t feed himself. Rick will die in prison. I’ve […]

The Plea – Chapter Eighteen How to Getaway With Murder

Of the numerous how-to books released monthly none sell as well as weight loss titles and those that focus on how to commit a crime.  The Plea is not a how-to book, but it is filled with instructions on manipulating the criminal system in order to get away with murder.  The particular method covered in […]

The Plea – Chapter Seventeen

“Soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of the United States Central Command, this morning at 0300, we launched Operation DESERT STORM, an offensive campaign that will enforce the United Nation’s resolutions that Iraq must cease its rape and pillage of its weaker neighbor and withdraw its forces from Kuwait. My confidence in you is total. Our […]

The Plea – Chapter Sixteen

Several weeks ago I spent time at a school with young children who had been sexually abused.  They were anxious to learn about writing and happy to hear tales of the boys and girls who come West in the early 1850s.  It was a pleasure to be around such sweet individuals who wanted nothing more […]

The Plea – Chapter Fifteen

A Decorated Soldier   Will I ever wake up from this nightmare?  Every day for the last ten years I’ve been living a nightmare.  My brother is dying in federal prison.  He has Parkinson’s disease and I’ve have watched him go from a person who shook some to a person who cannot control his tremors, […]

The Plea – Chapter Fourteen

Ten years ago my brother was falsely accused of a horrible crime.  He’s was beaten and raped while incarcerated.  Inmates used socks filled with batteries and bars of soap to beat him.  He had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease prior to the incident and his health became increasingly worse.  He was placed in solitary confinement […]

The Plea – Chapter Thirteen

The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. … Among the many mistakes an individual falsely accused of child molestation and/or possession of child pornography need to be […]

The Plea – Chapter Twelve

New year, new direction, same goal.  I’ll be returning to school in the spring to study criminal law.  I will continue to write books about women of the Old West, in fact I’m contracted to write ten more books on the subject between 2014 and 2019.  In addition to school and working as a writer […]

The Plea – Chapter Eleven

In the movie Cool Hand Luke Paul Newman portrayed a character in prison who challenged the existence of God.  “Let me know you’re up there!” Newman’s character shouted to the sky during a thunder storm.  There was no answer.  Perhaps that was the answer.  I empathize with Luke.  I’ve been crying out to God for […]

The Plea – Chapter Ten

My brother Rick was married twice.  His first wife, Denise Sutter did not love him.  The day they married Rick found a letter she had written to another man.  My father tried to convince Rick to call off the wedding, but he wouldn’t.  Rick and Denise had one child, Nickol Marie.  She was one of […]

The Plea – Chapter Nine

It’s difficult to investigate a criminal case you’re emotionally tied to.  I’ve tried to present the evidence in my brother’s case in an unbiased manner, but all my trying won’t make it so for this chapter.  It should be against the law to accuse someone of child molestation with no evidence apart from a rebellious […]

The Plea – Chapter Eight

I asked a dear friend of mine to review the next chapter of The Plea and give me her thoughts. After reading the work she kindly asked me if I was writing this book to vent my feelings, if I was writing it in hopes that it would have an effect on my brother’s case, […]

The Plea – Chapter Five

The prisoners where my brother lived called the seagull that got caught in the razor wire surrounding the compound Broken Wing. After a few hours of being trapped Broken Wing wriggled out of the wire and dropped onto the ground, hurt and exhausted. The bird survived on scraps of bread tossed to him by prisoners […]

The Plea – Chapter Three

It’s painful to think of my brother and what happened so I try and push it from my mind.  Then I feel guilty because I don’t think of it.  Some days I can’t even remember what his face looked like.  I find it hard to remember that joyful man with the keen sense of humor.  […]

The Plea – Chapter Two

He’s a punk; an assassin for the mob in Philadelphia and he feels no remorse over the numerous murders he’s committed.  In an interview with 60 Minutes a reporter asked the chunky, arrogant thug staring into the camera if he realized the serious nature of his crimes and he simply shook his head.  He explained […]

The Plea – Chapter One

Chapter One The Accused “Three o’clock,” the gruff speaking guard announced. “Visiting time is over!” Hurried goodbyes were spoken. My father and I stepped aside to let my mother hug her ailing son. It might be the last time she will be able to do so. Her son, my brother can barely hold his arms […]

The Plea – The Preface

Preface It’s taken me longer than I expected to complete this story. There were many, many days I had to force myself to write. No situation has ever affected me as deeply as my brother being arrested and subsequently watching him fade to nothing. Previous efforts to share this painful journey have been met with […]

The Pleading Heart

Beginning in January visitors to this site will have an opportunity to read the book The Plea. Over the course of my lifetime I’ve made many pleas to God. When I was seven I pleaded with Him to make me an Olympic swimmer. At 16, my plea was for the chance to marry the boy […]

The Plea

Available Summer 2014. Over the course of my lifetime I’ve made many pleas to God. When I was seven I pleaded with Him to make me an Olympic swimmer. At 16, my plea was for the chance to marry the boy I had been in love with since kindergarten. There have been numerous pleas over […]

The Plea

In 1889, Buckskin Frank Leslie came home to his ranch bad drunk from a week long toot in Tombstone. He got into an argument with his girlfriend, Blonde Mollie Williams who he had seen in town with another man. After telling Frank how worthless he was and how much more of a man the person […]

The Plea

For a number of years I’ve been working on a book about my brother. The release date of The Plea has been pushed back a few times. Rick’s story is going to end in a very tragic and dramatic way and I’m waiting to write the last chapter. I’ve noticed several curious visitors to my […]

The Plea

There were no formal plea agreements in the Old West. You got caught in a criminal act or it was discovered that false allegation were made, you were executed. That was particularly so if you were brought before Judge Isaac Parker. Parker’s record for imposing the death sentence and the conviction ratio in his court […]