Toronto, Canada

Numerous visit to The Plea from Toronto, Canada.  Why?  What do you want?  Never mind.  I figured it out on my own.

Murderers never have any peace.  I watch them as they check the site in search of…who knows?  Maine Bureau of Taxation to Overland Park, Kansas, to Greensborough, North Carolina.  They’ve had fifteen years to enhance their story, but I never imagined how inventive they could get.

I’m encouraged to know The Plea is saving lives.  Rick might be gone, but his story is making a difference.

Hey, Maine Bureau of Taxation…hope you have other job prospects.

I learned today that the search is being routed through the Maine Bureau of Taxation but it’s being initiated by Nicole Ryan in the Maine Office of the Attorney General.  You might want to ask nmbecekemeier12 to do her own searches in the future.